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How to Win the Lottery

Today (August 23, 2013) starts our 50 day countdown until October 11, 2013. That day happens to be my 50th birthday.  In celebration and in preparation for launching new MoneyMinding programs we are giving away $250 cash.  For every 50 Power Money courses sold we’re giving away $125 to the winning name and $125 to the person who referred the winner if applicable.  All you need to do is forward the 50 tips.  The easiest way is to ‘like’ MoneyMinding on Facebook or follow me on Linkedin. Power Money is the most comprehensive, practical personal money program you’ll find anywhere. It’s unique.  It’s powerful in what it can do for expanding financial capacity.  And, it’s the foundation and pre-requisite for other valuable MoneyMinding programs I know you’re going to want to participate in in the future.

How to Win The Lottery:

I’ve heard some people estimate that 90% of the population is looking for more money.  I’ve also heard that only 30% of that 90% are willing to do something about it.  The rest just want the easy way out so hold on to ‘lottery thinking’ by chasing windfall opportunities and quick fixes. To win the lottery in your life, you can invest a couple hours a week to learn how to build a system and financial foundation that is uniquely suited to you in order to experience the results of unlimited and sustainable income in your life.   Order the Power Money Course today to create your plan for financial results beyond what you previously thought possible. Blessings, Tracy

Sharing a vision and the importance of encouragement to get the results you desire

The Death by Money / $10 Solution Journey

One of the hardest things to do is to let others in on your dreams. Sometimes these might be simple like where you’d like to go on vacation, or what kind of car you’d like to drive, what sort of home you like, clothing styles, entertainment choices, etc. Other times, they are more specifically about your goals such as things you’d like to accomplish athletically, in your career, of causes you’d like to support in your lifetime.

It’s important to understand how sharing these innermost thoughts can cause you to either doubt or believe in your visions. If you say to someone you know and care about that you’d like to go on a vacation to climb Mt. Everest and they respond sarcastically with comments about how absurd the idea is; how much time and money it would take; how you’d have to be crazy to think you could do that, especially when you’ve never climbed anything more than the pathway in the local park, it’s quite likely that you might think twice about your vision. At least, you will certainly think twice about who and what you tell your visions to.

This powerful concept is why the in your life are so vital to your success or lack of it. It’s also why great things are accomplished with a team effort. When you are able to share a vision or idea, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, you are going to either be encouraged or discouraged to follow through. This is why it’s difficult for many people to open up about their goals and dreams and to ask questions that could lead them towards getting results they didn’t know were possible, all because they were too afraid to ask.

The Death by Money Report, just launched on www.moneyminding.com is the result of sharing a vision with people who encouraged the creation of something positive from an otherwise difficult situation. The following people are just a few of the team who I’d like to thank for helping see this project through to this stage. You have all contributed support and encouragement in ways you might not even recognize, as well as the much needed hands on work required to get the job done!

Lisa Maxwell (of course!), Joe Piercy, Jordyn Piercy, Lara Spence, John Perry, Jonathan Maxwell, Elaine Weidner, Dorothy Tolsma, Bill Byrnell, Kerry Brown, Laurie McAmmond, Andrea Bailey, Bob Stewart, Ian Johnson, Don Balance, Warren and Marilyn Little, John Porges, Kim Johnson, Connie Aman, Brad Simpson, Rob Bennett, Larry Mais, Jack Shore, Robin Holden, Darlene Newberg, Wumi Awofala, Danella Parks, Rich Senn, Jill Lublin, John Willig, Dean and Susan Boland, Bev Gulbrandsen, Donna Fahley, Sharon McKay, Havind Sehmi, George Vanous, Paul Smith, Dolim Chow, Gail Watson, Donna Lumley, Brian Law, Christine Yoon, Bill McCarter, Pat Brehm, Brad Roulston, Mike McMullen, Kathryn Dafos, Lisa Kachan, Neil Godin, Sean Carey, Bev Benwick, Audrey Watson, Roger Davidson, …
Thank you.