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New Beginnings

I’m not going to point the same content on multiple blogs and social media sites – but right now is a time of transition.  God is working in powerful ways in and through my life so there’s a lot to share.  My latest blog post and newsletter through Financial Grace introduces what’s been happening and what’s breaking through!!

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Be blessed!



The Eye of the Storm

Money has a way of stirring up a hurricane in our lives.  Whether something happens from a an unexpected event or whether it’s a decision that needs to be made about buying, borrowing, or investing, on a day-to-day basis, money affects EVERY area of our life.

Navigating the real-life challenges and day-to-day money decisions in your life requires a certain amount of knowledge, skill and confidence depending on the situation.  Applying all three of these areas at the right time and in the right way is a process and also requires faith.  It’s all these things working together that can create the calm in the midst of some of the biggest financial storms.

Money isn’t just technical know how.  Whether we like it or not, throughout the ages money has power and is a very emotional, controversial subject.  Bringing God, Money and Real Life together is equally as controversial and emotional but also provides a foundation for God’s blessings for powerful results beyond what we could potentially ask or imagine on our own.   

Beginning Friday, September 7th from noon 1:00 pacific time for 4 weeks during the season of transition from the relaxing, bright sunshine of summer, to the cooler, busier days of fall, I invite you to join me on a journey through the storm to discover and apply God’s wisdom to real-life money decision making today.

The program includes 4 live and recorded Teleseminar lessons and weekly homework so that by the end of September you will have fresh new insights about integrating God’s word and real-life money knowledge for earning, managing and maintaining wealth today.  The objective is to discover and apply the learning so that by the end of the month you will have new knowledge, new skills, and an action plan for you to incorporate this information into your own life.

Plus, if you’re a financial professional or counsellor who works with people and their money, you will have new tools, strategies and resources to help others navigate turbulent money situations.

Registration is $99 here, or in keeping with the principles of giving and sharing, you can also make a donation of any amount here in order to participate.

If you register and pay in full before the end of day Friday, August 31st you will also receive access to the full original MoneyMinding Makeover course valued at $250.  This program has produced worldwide testimonials because it provides simple, sequential steps of short information pages, followed by the exercises, templates, questionaires and specifics needed to implement the information into your life.  It is timeless, generic, powerful information that is not and has not been taught in school or by mainstreem financial educators!

If you’re not sure you can make all the sessions live, that’s ok.  You’ll have access to all the recordings and materials and an opportunity to interact and ask questions with the group regardless.  And if you still have questions or are not sure if this is the right program for you, call me directly at 250-592-0457 pacific time.



PS – There is so much unsettling financial news today.  Now we also have hurricane Isaac occupying the news and adding to the unsettling financial news.  Thousands of years ago, Abraham trusted God with a very unsettling situation and acted in faith with preparing to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  No doubt there was great turmoil throughout this interaction before God stepped in and provided the sacrificial lamb instead of Isaac.  Today I pray for the families affected by hurricane Isaac and I pray that there is no financial hurricane causing turmoil in your life, or if there is, that you are able to weather the storm and find the peace that surpasses understanding in the eye of the storm.

God, Money and Real Life

God says “But forget all that was in the past — it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.

For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness.  I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18,19

Because, “The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.” Proverbs 10:22

The Past:

In 1997 while still practicing as a top investment advisor for one of Canada’s largest investment firms, I began developing the concepts that have formed the basis of the MoneyMinding programs and materials.  In 1999, God revealed himself in a dramatic way by sending an angel to our 3 year old daughter.  In 2001, both my husband and I accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour and He has lead us on an amazing journey with some real-life challenges ever since.

This journey has so far included some of life’s biggest stressors:  a tax re-assessment and bankruptcy, a sudden close family member death, close family member cancer, another close family member messy divorce with kids involved, multiple moves, and a seemingly endless list of every day challenges with bills, cars, kids, family, etc. etc.

In 2005, we had an initial exciting financial revival after a few rough years, with a new home and successful business launch only to be met with challenges that grew out of trusting some people who had their own agenda including attempting securities fraud with my company, MoneyMinding.

There comes a point in life when you know that the Lord has plans for your life, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’ (Jeremiah 29:11) and that His grace is (and always has been) sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9) to provide the courage to glorify Him through my life. (Philippians 1:20)

The Present:

The intersection of knowledge and faith came together to save my / our life in 2011.  The Holy Spirit spoke loud and clear that I was not to continue with the consultant’s plan to provide funding for the company in the public market the way he had been setting it up.  Everyone on the team was encouraging me to continue because the process had taken over a year longer than expected and money was scarce at best, and stress levels were off the chart.  The overall theme was to ‘get the money’ and get missing information later.  The process was halted and the team perceived that I had sabotaged everyone’s financial windfall.  In reality several months later, I did get the answers to the questions that had been mounting.  The funding ‘scheme’ was confirmed to be illegal and I was being set up to be responsible for the illegal activity.

Thank you Lord, for intervening when knowledge left questions and man was misleading me.

My husband, daughter and I were left with no money, minimal income, a mountain of debt, an entire mountain range of corporate administrative clean up, and no expertise or resources to carry on and re-build.  Yet the Lord has been faithful and has provided strength, money, people, encouragement and wisdom to maintain our bills, home, credit, marriage, and our health.

Surviving a devastating financial upheaval takes courage, it takes wisdom, and it takes God’s love to hold you through the long days of hard work and tough decisions.  Sometimes its only because He’s there that getting out of bed in the morning is even possible.

The Future:

My prayer is that you do not have to experience a major financial stress anywhere close to this.  Unfortunately, as I have written about in my new book, The Death by Money Report, the reality is that most people will experience some sort of financial uncertainty and struggle during their lifetime.  It could be from job loss, health issues, death, divorce, business failure, investment loss, accumulated debt, or a seeming inability to earn enough money to live the life you once hoped to be able to live.

Seven years after starting the company and marketing the information corporately, the Holy Spirit is prompting me to share the biblical principles that have combined with my technical expertise to help others navigate the world of personal finance today.  He is indeed doing a ‘new thing’ (Isaiah 43:18,19) and there is ‘no sorrow’ or ‘painful toil’ for it (Proverbs 10:22).  The principles have always been the foundation of the MoneyMinding programs; however, I have only recently started sharing with the body of Christ, the biblical integration.

Beginning September 7th, at noon Pacific, I invite you to join me for a 4 week journey:  God, Money, and Real Life.  I’ll share principles, strategies and action plans you can put into practice to experience the Holy Spirit’s power working in your finances and your life today.   God says, He can do ‘immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine’ (Ephesians 3:20).  I encourage you to join me to experience fresh insights from His living word and from the voice of experience, and expertise.  My desire is that you will be able to apply these concepts to your own situation to realize results you didn’t before think were possible!

The program is $99 for the four, 1 hour live and recorded audio sessions plus ‘homework’.  But, in keeping with God’s principles for prosperity, you can also make donations of any amount that will fit with your current situation.  If you aren’t able to attend the live sessions, that’s ok too, they will be recorded and you can still participate on your own time, including being able to ask questions and share your results.

Order here

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When your order and / or donation has been received you will receive information within 24 – 48 hours with further details and welcome instructions!

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you and to experiencing the Lord’s work in and through all of us as we journey forward together!

Abundant blessings,


PS – This program is the first of many ‘new things’ as I also prepare to share the creative financial planning strategies and support from my long time friend and greatly admired financial advisor, Dan Loney (www.loneyfinancial.com).  He and I have discussed co-authoring a book on debt for almost 10 years now; I have come close to working with him several times in the past; and look forward to helping him expand his biblical program on financial management called, The Joseph Principle.  I will be continuing to support the portfolio of MoneyMinding content, programs, resources and materials including mVillage membership with live mentorship.  These are central resources for you to get personal and anonymous information and support and where new information is made available to members 24/7.

Introducing MoneyMinding Minutes

These short tips designed for information, application, inspiration, and overall positive results.  To view others and to ask questions, comment, or get additional information on this or other area of personal finance take advantage of an mVillage membership available at www.deathbymoney.com.

The latest one is about identifying red flags as well as strengthening communication by writing what you understand.  Be sure to click ‘like’ to spread the word!




Help Spread Financial Success – contribute to my new book!

In the aftermath of what has become a conspiracy to commit securities fraud by a group of people claiming to be experts in helping companies’ access capital for expansion, MoneyMinding and Tracy Piercy (me) will be transitioning into a new delivery format for the information you receive.  It is by God’s grace and the application of the MoneyMinding principles to real-world financial decision making that prevented this fraud from completing.

Chasing money and sacrificing values, ethics and priorities is a recipe for disaster, yet many people continue to let money rule their lives, even to the point of abandoning their morals, friends, families, and life’s passions.  This is not what I believe or teach and have an unstoppable commitment to sharing this message of financial hope and independence.  People everywhere inadvertently fall victim to inappropriate decisions, settle for a life of struggle, or become victims of fraud because our conventional money wisdom feeds fear, scarcity and dependency which are not conducive to developing and applying financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

In essence, much of our current money wisdom is ruining lives, families and the freedoms we have come to appreciate.  In part because what is being taught about personal finance still expects that you will become a financial expert, or that you’ll be able to replicate what someone else has done for themselves to become wealthy.  Instead what you can do, is to learn to ask better questions to get better results from the professionals who have the technical expertise to help you implement your plans with the financial products and services you use on a day-to-day basis in real life!  This means you have to first be open to learning what it is you currently don’t know that you don’t know.

Please read my new publication, The Death by Money Report for the information that introduces these concepts, provides an overview of the attempted fraud, and the $10 solution that is reviving financial independence for people who grasp this paradigm shifting information.  You can purchase it at www.deathbymoney.com.

Make sure you continue to follow me and take advantage of the online mVillage membership.  This online community contains volumes of searchable financial resources and it’s where I will continue to share information and provide an opportunity for members to ask money questions anonymously about ANY area of their personal finances.

Plus – You can contribute to my new book:  Death by Money, Life by Faith.  This book details this and other dramatic stories of success from the application of this life-changing money wisdom.  When you contribute financially today you can help make a difference for others while also receiving special incentives and recognition for yourself.

Contribute financially here:

And, mVillage members (available with the purchase of The Death by Money Report here), can contribute to the writing of the book with your input as you read along, make comments, and ask questions while also improving your own financial life.

Here’s what you get for financial your contribution:

$5 – $25 Receive a signed copy of   the completed book with your name printed in it as a supporter (unless you   chose not to) ($25+ value)
$26 – $50 Receive all of the above   plus a copy of my 7 Day Make a Difference Video course ($75 value)
$51 – $100 Receive all of the above   plus a the ebook, Wealth Secrets of Everyday Spending ($150 value)
$101 – $250 Receive all of the above   plus digital copy of the original MoneyMinding Makeover ($425 value)
$251 – $1000 Receive all of the above   plus 1 year access to full mVillage ($1625 value)
$1001 – $2500 Receive all of the above   plus access to live Master event inVictoria  when available ($4420 value)
$2501 – $10,000+ above plus access to   Project M archives and monthly guest participation in current Project M   program ($14,420 value)

During the transition of the MoneyMinding / Tracy Piercy information, I am actively seeking partners to assist in publishing and distribution of this valuable information and continue to be available on a consulting basis and for speaking engagement.  You can contact me at 250-592-0457 (pacific time) and by email at tracy@moneyminding.com.

I welcome your queries, comments, questions, encouragement, and assistance and definitely look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

Abundant blessings,


Keeping in Touch with New and Valuable Information

I would like to invite you to participate with me in an exciting new era for Tracy Piercy and my MoneyMinding Mission!

I’m calling this era a revival for a couple different reasons: First, because as many people are aware a while ago I experienced a dramatic upheaval in my business, MoneyMinding. We were in the process of undertaking a public offer to expand the company. Instead, after almost a year of delays and mounting questions I finally called a halt to the process in order to get satisfactory answers. In the aftermath of this decision the company was reduced to me as the only person standing. This has since proved to be the very best decision I could have made, however, as the funding process was later confirmed to be fraudulent.  And now that I’ve got first hand experience as well as years of working with others who have been victims or fraud, I know for sure that the financial methods that have evolved over the years with MoneyMinding are indeed life saving!

The second reason I’m calling this a revival is because this powerful message has produced prolific testimonials for years, but has been stifled because of the business drama. Well not any more.  I encourage you to read more about the issues, strategies and real-life story and how it has sparked a total renewal of my conviction to share the profound messages for earning, managing and maintaining money in a real-life context.

The latest publication is a joint effort with a friend of mine who helped take a very evolved and emotionally charges subject and turn it into a powerful financial resource. It’s called The Death by Money Report: The Cause of Stress, and How to Solve Debt and Retirement Issues by Spending, not Saving. It is available at http://www.deathbymoney.com/. In the early days of marketing the comments from readers confirm that this is a message long overdue in the world of personal finance.

This personal message today is to make sure that as a personal contact of mine you are included in the news and events of this next phase of this amazing journey. You can also follow me on twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin below. And if you would like to discuss cross-promotion opportunities for your business, then please send me an email so we can spread the word together!!!

I look forward to continuing to share exciting news, resources and stories of real life money management that produces results you didn’t know were possible.  I also look forward to hearing your feedback on The Death by Money Report. It is packed with insightful and thought provoking information and promises to enlighten its readers to a paradigm shift that can lead to financial results far beyond conventional – It is definitely worth the $10 investment!



PS – Please share the link to encourage others who may be plagued with financial uncertainty. www.deathbymoney.com.

What is Application and Why it Matters?

I just purchased a new Life Application Bible and as I read the introductory pages, it occurred to me that the description of “what is application?’ provides valuable and relevant information as it relates to the concepts of the MoneyMinding resources that have been the focus of my work since 1997. It’s still somewhat of a new concept, so bear with me through this 2 part series on what it is and why it’s important.

I am often asked what makes my message through MoneyMinding different than other financial education or from what someone can get from their financial planner. I always tell them that MoneyMinding resources are intended to complement and support your work with other financial professionals. The original concepts for MoneyMinding began while I was still working as an investment advisor. The early materials were actually initially developed when I was teaching the required curriculum for financial advisors. I have always said that a key component to MoneyMinding is the ‘application’ of the information as it relates to making real-life money decisions. Essentially the underlying theme is to help you ask questions to get better results. Or, helping you learn to ‘fish’ rather than doing the ‘fishing’ for you or simply telling you about ‘fishing’.

The reason that understanding what application is, in the realm of personal finance is important is because many adults just don’t realize what they don’t know about money. This isn’t meant to be a ‘jab’; it’s just stating that because formal financial training wasn’t (and still isn’t) part of a school education, we have all gone out into the workforce to learn about money as we went along and made up our own rules along the way. Essentially, leaning about money has been completely ad hoc. This means that when new financial information is received it likely be assumed to be helpful, but the foundation to help assess the overall concept in light of all the circumstances, will still likely be missing. In other words, anything new will likely appear to be good and helpful, but not necessarily so. What many people fail to recognize is that because applying financial information in a piece meal fashion without the underlying foundation, is how errors are made; why opportunities are missed; and how unscrupulous ‘advisors’ are able to prey on innocent victims. New financial information needs to be applied in a way that helps you ask questions so you can adequately assess the information before you make a final decision on investments, credit, insurance, purchases, etc.

This is such a personal matter, that not knowing what you don’t know doesn’t have to be detrimental if you can learn to apply the information in a way that you can understand wha you need to know to then apply all the facts to your own situation. Without the confidence and competence to assess financial information along side your own values, goals and circumstances, it is just far too easy to open the door to inappropriate decisions, or potential sales manipulation that could lead away from what’s most important to you in your life.

Unfortunately, when financial information is delivered alongside the application of that information with the purchase of some sort of product or strategy sale, you end up with an entire industry not respected for its role in navigating the world of personal finance effectively. There is also now an entire industry that has developed to deliver financial information that unfortunately has an ulterior motive of sales. Not that sales is bad, and not that educational seminars are bad, just that for such a life impacting topic as finance, when education and sales are combined and billed as the application of the information being delivered, it can lead to confusion and partial information, and ultimately end up doing more harm than good. The gap in knowledge that most adults are missing and aren’t aware they’re missing becomes most detrimental because the financial information they receive is connected to products and services and particular situations they’re dealing with at time they receive the knowledge, not necessarily because they have the full picture needed to get them the results they’re looking for (or results they didn’t even know were possible).

As an interesting side-note, I’d like to point out that in my career as a financial educator whose only product is information and the application of it for wealth creation and management, I find it interesting how higher net worth people grasp the importance of basic financial knowledge where many middle incoe people seem to think they know what’s best or, that they don’t need additional education. Perhaps this is because the wealthier people have experienced enough of the ‘hit and miss, trial and error’ decisions that they realize there are some underlying gaps in their foundation. A good comparison would be moving to a foreign country and learning how to communicate with the people there. You can live there a long time and be able to read and write and speak with people, but at some point you will realize that there are grammar and other language concepts that will help you communicate in a more effective way.

The gap these higher net worth people discover is the knowledge, understanding and the application of financial math, budget forecasting, creating spreadsheets, investment, insurance and credit fundamentals. With the underlying knowledge applied effectively to your personal circumstances, you are able to manage personal financial decisions in a variety of situations, with a complex overlap of issues much easier. This is why and how the MoneyMinding resources are developed the way they are: to assist with decision making at the time of a transaction. The purpose is to assist in helping you access necessary knowledge in a way that it is understood and can be applied even when you don’t know that there could be addition information to help you get your desired results. This is also how I / we can say that MoneyMinding can help you produce results what you would have previously thought possible.

See part 2 for the description of ‘what is application?’ from the life application bible as it specifically describes the process of application in making successful personal financial decisions.

Is it a revival or a renewal of your finances you’re looking for? www.deathbymoney.com

Revive literally means to start again or bring back to life.  This means that if you feel like you’re off track and have been suppressing your passions because you’re overcome with guilt, or fear about money, then likely you need some encouragement to strengthen your belief that you can live a life where there is enough money flowing into your home to enable you to feel exhilarated about your days.

Perhaps you’re feeling like your life is pre-occupied with money every time you venture into a store or are faced with opening another bill, or statement.  If you need a fresh look at the situation to help you overcome the stress and struggle of working to make money to pay your bills while also somehow managing to save for that distant fantasy land called retirement, you’re looking for a revival.

On the other hand, if you’re thoughts are burdened with anxiety around how you have drifted away from the life you thought you’d be living, or used to be living, before something happened to halt your dreams (a job loss, medical situation, investment loss, divorce, fraud) then you’re looking for a renewal.  You’d like to be able to continue with your former life, mend the broken situation and carry on.  Perhaps you just need to breathe new life into your finances to reinvigorate your life.  Or perhaps you’re aware that there are some areas of your financial life that really should be replaced, but you’re not sure how to transform the situation.  Either way, a renewal is what you’re looking for.

A revival or a renewal requires a change.  In order to change you have to give up on current strategies that aren’t working which will first require acknowledging that the current thinking must stop.  You have to awaken a spirit of financial independence which means removing the concept of retirement from any discussion or thought around your finances.  It also means that you have to understand that what feeds financial independence is income.

What you’re after is income that is sufficient to pay for the expenses for the life you want to live; the life God has placed on your heart to live, not necessarily the life pictured in magazines or on TV, or the one you think you ‘should’ be living.  Ultimately, this means you have to revive and renew the entire concept of income creation.

Income creation, and therefore financial independence, is not dependent on a budget that requires you to spend less than you earn so you can get out of debt and accumulate a big pot of gold to retire with.  Income creation isn’t dependant on you having a good job or career.  Income creation isn’t a special investment or new business.  Income creation starts with an idea, and requires you to take one small step at a time in pursuit of that idea.  Along the way, each step will have financial requirements and decisions with financial implications.  Here it is important to look at the numbers in new ways to help recondition and recreate your situation in order to re-establish a life of financial independence.

If you want to renovate your finances, you first need to stimulate your thinking which begins with the first baby step.  www.deathbymoney.com


What do you do when you suspect someone you know might be suffering from financial loss?

The post has been modified and expanded from a conversation I started in the FPA (Financial Planners Association) community with other financial professionals at http://connect.fpanet.org/FPANET/HOME/ because it’s a topic that is is epidemic in proportion, yet silent for the people it plagues…

Financial loss is unfortunately an issue that affects every area of life (like the death or serious illness of a loved on), yet unfortunately is something that most people are afraid to admit. This means that there is very little support for people who have experienced a loss of some kind. It also means that they will do just about anything to heal the pain, change the situation and keep it covered up. Sometimes the only people who will know the secret is their financial advisor, and maybe because that person has had to piece together the story to figure it out on their own. This means that you could discover a secret that your friend, family member, associate, or client is afraid to admit to anyone even people close to them. It also means that you could see them doing things financially that could make the situation worse because they are being lured by the ‘quick fix’.

Perhaps, you’re living this situation yourself.

The reasons for the loss aren’t necessarily as important as the fact that it has occurred. The situation could be caused by pre-meditated fraud, theft, an inappropriate investment that went sour, or job loss, divorce, illness, or accumulated debt. Regardless of the causes, it could very well be that you could be one of the few people who know the real story. What do you do? How can you help?

Or if you’re the person suffering in silence, what do you do?  Where can you get help?

These are huge issues because money has become such a taboo topic in our society.  Talking about it means you become vulnerable to judgement of others.  Yet the reality is that money is as necessary for survival in our culture and as adults we have received no formal money management training and there is very little support for the day-to-day decision making.  Financial planning and other financial services are not there to help with the emotional aspects of money.  Nor are they there to help you earn money to plan with.  That’s the fuel that begins the entire financial process and if that fuel isn’t enough, or has been lost, then what?

It’s a topic that needs some desperate attention.  We will help people recover from financial loss by restoring hope and reviving the ability to create income and financial independence – regardless of the past circumstances and current situation and how much has been lost in the past!

I hope you join me by discovering the causes of a lot of the money stress we have in our society today and how a $10 solution can revive financial independence.  http://www.deathbymoney.com/

“Snakes in Suits”

Great book by by Paul Babiak and Robert Hare I”m reading now as part of my new series of articles on misleading financial advice and the new book, Death by Money.

Financial loss and investment fraud and inappropriate financial advice have been a significant part of my career since doing some work with the BC Securities Commission in the early 2000’s on their program called ‘Investigate Before You Invest”. Dr. Robert Hare was actually someone who’s work I had access to for the BCSC contract. It was one of the most profound things I have done in my career and been a big influence on my work ever since. Many of the people I work with at MoneyMinding are infact recovering from some sort of financial loss, or feel like they are because they were slow to get started.

If this might be you or someone you know, there are alot of options and information inside MoneyMinding mVillage for support and you can look for alot of information, resources and strategies in some of my new work:

– Project M
– The New MoneyMinding Makeover plus Double Your Money Program
– The series of articles on misleading financial advice, and
– Death by Money

Make sure you visit www.moneyminding.com to become a Minute Manager Member to be able to comments, ask questions and get the resources and support – anonymously!