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What if Conventional Money Teaching is Training us to be the 3rd Servant?

What if Conventional Money Teaching is Training us to be the 3rd Servant?

In 1999, the Lord guided me to develop a process of implementing financial systems and making financial decisions to build a solid foundation capable of meeting any financial need. That system is the MoneyMinding Method.
In 2009, the Lord revealed to me a blueprint to take a very small seed of an idea and turn it into a harvest large enough to meet any financial need. This blueprint combined with the MoneyMinding Method became known as Project M and changed the lives of everyone who participated by opening financial doors they didn’t know existed.

In 2018, the Lord is accelerating the completion of the good work He began through me so many years ago. He’s releasing the knowledge and systems in rebuilding MoneyMinding that was nearly lost to my own near catastrophic financial failure – the result of following an unscrupulous ‘advisor’.
In this hour of human history, we all need to receive new knowledge to help this generation and future generations release the financial treasures stored in secret places, and receive the transfer of wealth from the world’s system to the Kingdom of God’s people; that we may walk in the riches of Heaven to free the captives bound by systemic poverty of the world – captives in our own families, neighbourhoods and nations.
The next generation will NOT inherit the riches because they don’t have the knowledge to navigate the financial system today with wisdom and Power. And, what knowledge people do have is wrong thinking about earning, saving, insuring, debt, taxes and investing.
Sowing and reaping aren’t the same as saving and spending. Saving money forfeits our current seed for an idea that we could save some tax money to grow a ‘field’ with a 6-10% annual yield so that in 30 or 40 years we would then give 40% of the harvest away as we attempted to consume only an amount of bare necessity, and maybe be able to downsize just enough that we’d still be able to leave something to our children after paying another 40% or more tax on what was remaining.
What if the seed God gives us in terms of financial capabilities, and creativity to produce wealth isn’t limited to 6-10% to accumulate an investment, but is more like 60 – 100% like the servants in the parable of the talents and the mina’s. This is how our financial system works, yet God says His people are the ones who are supposed to lend to many nations and be releasing His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.
Think about this for a few minutes. You don’t have to have all the answers, but if your first thought is that anything greater than 10% per year is ‘risky’ then ask ‘why do you believe that’? Is it because that’s what we’ve been taught? If so, who taught us? What do we really believe about finances? And does this line up with God’s Word? Maybe there’s more?
Maybe the riches stored in secret places are locked in current mindsets and knowledge? But how will we know unless we first entertain some of these sobering ideas? Or is that too scary to think about? Or do you think I might be leading down a path leading to false expectations, or empty promises?
I know I don’t have all the answers. I also know that asking different questions produces different thoughts and different thoughts, lead to different strategies; different strategies lead to new opportunities and possibilities to experience more of what God might have waiting as we seek Him!

30, 60, or 90-Day Financial Business Breakthrough

In the online information area there is one thing that is consistent with all business:  Relationship between customer and business is a key factor in revenue success.  In an online business, relationship is built with consistent, valuable mostly written communication with clients. This requires ongoing content for emails, blogs, social media, etc.

Producing this information is costly, time-consuming and requires a different skill-set than consulting, coaching and advising
– yet is increasingly more and more necessary for business success today.

Unfortunately, many people have become understandably skeptical of the information they receive online. As a result, we have added regulations to protect against privacy fraud. This is good, but also creates barriers for many honest, ethical and hard-working people to reach and communicate with
their customers. I’m saying all this because I know from years of experience that reading something online, whether its in the form of a post, website, or email, there is a tendency for people to be hesitant, and in terms of email some people even get offended when they receive what they perceive to be an unsolicited sales pitch. I also know that building and maintaining relationships online requires a tremendous amount of ongoing, valuable content.

It’s been a couple years since I have posted anything or sent emails about my inventory of personal financial content – but it’s time for me to take another big step towards my true passion in biblical teaching. In the past, I primarily communicated by email through my business,  MoneyMinding, or through one of the financial industry partners I provided content and training for: Advisor.ca; CGA Professional Development, Investment Executive, Clickbank, Credit Union Professional Development, or some other optin source for personal finance information.  Today, I am reaching out again to offer access and / or purchase of this valuable intellectual property.

The opportunity is extremely limited for a select number of qualified professionals (or perhaps for only one person or organization) who would benefit from one of the following in their business as a coach, consultant, or financial advisor:

  1. A personal online ‘lead magnet’
  2. Exposure from increased personal social media content for blogs, newsletters, facebook, linkedin, etc.
  3. Having you own online course for sale
  4. Your own published book in print and / or ebook format
  5. A project manager / coach to get you set up and earning money in your business with any of these items for a fraction of the cost and minimal time and effort to produce yourself.

This isn’t a gimmick.  And it’s definitely not hype.  There are thousands of hours of professionally written personal finance articles, tips, books, courses, special reports and presentations available.  I wrote the material; I own the copyright, trademarks and applicable URL’s; I have over 30 years in and around finance and marketing; I have the credentials and experience which includes teaching licensing courses for financial professionals including the CFP; I have developed materials for financial regulators and produced one of the best-selling continuing education courses for the CGA professional development association for over 5 years running.  Best of all, financial literacy information is generic, timeless, borderless and this content was developed to build a connection between clients and the professionals who serve them.

This is not an offer that is available on an ongoing basis for anyone to take advantage of (unless you wanted to do that yourself as a business within a business).  If you are curious and think there might be something you and / or your organization can benefit from then we will have a one-on-one conversation about whether the opportunity makes sense for you.  I can be reached at 250-592-0457 (pacific time), or sam@sampiercy.com to arrange a time.  Please don’t send an email asking me to send additional information.  I will discuss the opportunity personally only.  Thank you.


PS.  The reason it’s a 30, 60, or 90-day turnaround is because the content is ready for rebranding, reprinting and repurposing with minimal input of effort.  This will produce almost immediate results in your business, and provide an opportunity for instant, enhanced credibility which also increases revenue potential! 

Bumble Bees and Butterfly Nets: A Financial Analogy

bumble bee picThe other day I was speaking with a client when what I thought was a small bird flew into the room. At closer inspection I realized it was the largest bumble bee I’d ever seen in my life. My client and I had been speaking about the new revenue stream she was adding to her business and how it was a little overwhelming when she considered all the details that had to be looked after in order to streamline her operations to make the whole business ‘fly’.

The bee reminded me of a story I’d heard about how bumble bees apparently aren’t supposed to be able to fly. Apparently in the 1930’s a story was circulated stating that according to the accepted theory of the day, bumblebees didn’t generate enough lift to fly. The story goes, that some scientific-type person did some calculations and claimed that it was aerodynamically impossible for bumble bees to fly. Obviously no one bothered to tell this to the bumble bee that has been happily flying around pollinating plants its whole life.

According to one website I looked at to make sure I had my bee facts straight, bees’ wings are abnormally small relative to their bodies and someone had made a faulty analogy between bumble bees and conventional aircraft. If an airplane were built the same way as a bumble bee, it would never get off the ground. But bees aren’t like airplanes, they’re like helicopters. Their wings work on the same principle as helicopter blades… A moving airfoil, whether it’s a helicopter blade or a bee wing, generates a lot more lift than a stationary one. The real challenge with bees wasn’t figuring out the aerodynamics but the mechanics: specifically, how bees can move their wings so fast-roughly 200 beats per second, which is 10 or 20 times the firing rate of the nervous system. The trick apparently is that the bee’s wing muscles don’t expand and contract so much as vibrate, like a rubber band. A nerve impulse comes along and twangs the muscle, much as you might pluck a guitar string, and it vibrates the wing up and down a few times until the next impulse comes along. (http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1076/is-it-aerodynamically-impossible-for-bumblebees-to-fly August 12, 2013)

The point to all the bee wing facts is that as I was discussing the financial implications of the new business model with my client, the giant bumble bee flew into our skylight and was buzzing around trying to reach for the sky. Every attempt to fly through to freedom got him no closer to his destination and was in fact just wearing him out. If I left him long enough I’m quite certain I’d have found him on the floor sometime the next day.

He was such an unusually large bee that I decided his mission could use a little help. I put my client on hold and went to retrieve a butterfly net we keep on hand for various household bug catching adventures. With one swoop, I scooped up the bee and let him outside where he could fly to freedom and carry on his worthwhile business of pollinating plants.

The bumble bee story provides a great analogy for financial situations. The first is in how the bumble bee fly’s in the first place: if you look at its physical circumstances many people could easily justify telling the bee that his situation was hopeless; that he should give up on the idea of flying and to be content crawling around the ground like other insects such as ants or spiders. Happily for the bee, it took a different approach and modified its situation so it could carry on with the work it wanted to and was supposed to do.

The second situation of getting stuck in the skylight could have been catastrophic for this bee because he was so focused on the big picture that he forgot a couple critical steps. These steps are also critical financial steps. One is that there might be more ways to reach for the sky, than there first appears. Opportunities of a lifetime come around everyday when you start to become aware of them. And just because you have been successful overcoming obstacles in the past doesn’t mean you’re always going to be better off self-sufficient. Another is that sometimes you can benefit from an outside source to provide you some direction. Too often with finance people are so afraid to share their situation with others that they become self-centered and will continue to beat their head against the ‘skylight’ thinking the next attempt will provide them with their freedom. There is a lot to be said for stopping, waiting, asking, and sharing. I was able to assist the bumble bee because he finally stopped and rested on the wall near the edge of the skylight. I saw his plight, and was happy to help him. Plus, I’m sure he was happy I came along so the situation created a win / win for both of us!

When you’re looking for financial results and finding yourself up against the same closed window all the time, perhaps the best thing is to consider the bumble bee and shift your perspective, slow down and wait for your personal version of the ‘butterfly net’.

How to Create Unlimited Income Starting with $10

This FREE Webinar was / is available now through The MoneyMinding Foundation.  There was a huge response which really isn’t a huge surprise given the message so incase you missed it – you can access the recording here.  Below is the information on the event that I promise is packed with information and isn’t just a gimmick to get you sign up for some investment or business strategy.


Waaaayyy too many people don’t even take the first step because they simply don’t believe. They don’t have faith. They just can’t see how it’s even possible, so they immediately dismiss the whole idea as a scam, or deceitful tact attempting to then swoop in with some sort ‘get rich quick’ scheme. They say things like, ‘what’s the catch?’ and assume there must be a product or business strategy going to be pitched.

UUGGHH! Yes, there is wayyy too much of that and for too many years people have got their hopes up only to be disappointed so now they’re jaded. Honestly, this is Tracy speaking from her heart here, “I have been so badly burned and disappointed myself over the years, that the saddest part of what I do is to listen to the naysayers who are looking for something different and are just too tired, stressed, or beat up to keep looking.

Unlimited Income is a FREE webinar. I promise you it won’t try to sneak anything funny into the process. This program is designed to give you an introduction to the question that everyone wants to have answered, “how can I do that?”. It’s your perfect opportunity to find out more about the paradigm shift that MoneyMinding presents in personal finance, AND, what that means to you – today.

My intention is to provide valuable information that you can act on immediately if you want. I’d also like to invite you take further steps in your new money journey and this event will help you figure out where and how to begin.

Click here for dates, times, and / or recordings to register!

Looking forward to sharing the ‘how’ with you!!

The Eye of the Storm

Money has a way of stirring up a hurricane in our lives.  Whether something happens from a an unexpected event or whether it’s a decision that needs to be made about buying, borrowing, or investing, on a day-to-day basis, money affects EVERY area of our life.

Navigating the real-life challenges and day-to-day money decisions in your life requires a certain amount of knowledge, skill and confidence depending on the situation.  Applying all three of these areas at the right time and in the right way is a process and also requires faith.  It’s all these things working together that can create the calm in the midst of some of the biggest financial storms.

Money isn’t just technical know how.  Whether we like it or not, throughout the ages money has power and is a very emotional, controversial subject.  Bringing God, Money and Real Life together is equally as controversial and emotional but also provides a foundation for God’s blessings for powerful results beyond what we could potentially ask or imagine on our own.   

Beginning Friday, September 7th from noon 1:00 pacific time for 4 weeks during the season of transition from the relaxing, bright sunshine of summer, to the cooler, busier days of fall, I invite you to join me on a journey through the storm to discover and apply God’s wisdom to real-life money decision making today.

The program includes 4 live and recorded Teleseminar lessons and weekly homework so that by the end of September you will have fresh new insights about integrating God’s word and real-life money knowledge for earning, managing and maintaining wealth today.  The objective is to discover and apply the learning so that by the end of the month you will have new knowledge, new skills, and an action plan for you to incorporate this information into your own life.

Plus, if you’re a financial professional or counsellor who works with people and their money, you will have new tools, strategies and resources to help others navigate turbulent money situations.

Registration is $99 here, or in keeping with the principles of giving and sharing, you can also make a donation of any amount here in order to participate.

If you register and pay in full before the end of day Friday, August 31st you will also receive access to the full original MoneyMinding Makeover course valued at $250.  This program has produced worldwide testimonials because it provides simple, sequential steps of short information pages, followed by the exercises, templates, questionaires and specifics needed to implement the information into your life.  It is timeless, generic, powerful information that is not and has not been taught in school or by mainstreem financial educators!

If you’re not sure you can make all the sessions live, that’s ok.  You’ll have access to all the recordings and materials and an opportunity to interact and ask questions with the group regardless.  And if you still have questions or are not sure if this is the right program for you, call me directly at 250-592-0457 pacific time.



PS – There is so much unsettling financial news today.  Now we also have hurricane Isaac occupying the news and adding to the unsettling financial news.  Thousands of years ago, Abraham trusted God with a very unsettling situation and acted in faith with preparing to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  No doubt there was great turmoil throughout this interaction before God stepped in and provided the sacrificial lamb instead of Isaac.  Today I pray for the families affected by hurricane Isaac and I pray that there is no financial hurricane causing turmoil in your life, or if there is, that you are able to weather the storm and find the peace that surpasses understanding in the eye of the storm.

Comparing Credit Reports and Criminal Record Checks – MoneyMinding Minute

Law abiding citizens don’t think twice about getting a crimial record check for a job or volunteer opportunity.  However, these same people often make decisions that can negatively impact their credit score.  Companies and organizations are more frequently performing credit checks as part of their selection criteria.  They do this to validate character as it relates to fiscal responsibility.  It’s certainly something to take seriously and to take steps to learn more about credit decisions that can inadvertenly negatively impact your credit score and potentially your overall financial ability.    Because unlike criminal record checks, having no debt doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good report.   Watch this 1+ video here.   And make sure you find out more about how our world of money is changing at www.deathbymoney.com

Introducing MoneyMinding Minutes

These short tips designed for information, application, inspiration, and overall positive results.  To view others and to ask questions, comment, or get additional information on this or other area of personal finance take advantage of an mVillage membership available at www.deathbymoney.com.

The latest one is about identifying red flags as well as strengthening communication by writing what you understand.  Be sure to click ‘like’ to spread the word!




Help Spread Financial Success – contribute to my new book!

In the aftermath of what has become a conspiracy to commit securities fraud by a group of people claiming to be experts in helping companies’ access capital for expansion, MoneyMinding and Tracy Piercy (me) will be transitioning into a new delivery format for the information you receive.  It is by God’s grace and the application of the MoneyMinding principles to real-world financial decision making that prevented this fraud from completing.

Chasing money and sacrificing values, ethics and priorities is a recipe for disaster, yet many people continue to let money rule their lives, even to the point of abandoning their morals, friends, families, and life’s passions.  This is not what I believe or teach and have an unstoppable commitment to sharing this message of financial hope and independence.  People everywhere inadvertently fall victim to inappropriate decisions, settle for a life of struggle, or become victims of fraud because our conventional money wisdom feeds fear, scarcity and dependency which are not conducive to developing and applying financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

In essence, much of our current money wisdom is ruining lives, families and the freedoms we have come to appreciate.  In part because what is being taught about personal finance still expects that you will become a financial expert, or that you’ll be able to replicate what someone else has done for themselves to become wealthy.  Instead what you can do, is to learn to ask better questions to get better results from the professionals who have the technical expertise to help you implement your plans with the financial products and services you use on a day-to-day basis in real life!  This means you have to first be open to learning what it is you currently don’t know that you don’t know.

Please read my new publication, The Death by Money Report for the information that introduces these concepts, provides an overview of the attempted fraud, and the $10 solution that is reviving financial independence for people who grasp this paradigm shifting information.  You can purchase it at www.deathbymoney.com.

Make sure you continue to follow me and take advantage of the online mVillage membership.  This online community contains volumes of searchable financial resources and it’s where I will continue to share information and provide an opportunity for members to ask money questions anonymously about ANY area of their personal finances.

Plus – You can contribute to my new book:  Death by Money, Life by Faith.  This book details this and other dramatic stories of success from the application of this life-changing money wisdom.  When you contribute financially today you can help make a difference for others while also receiving special incentives and recognition for yourself.

Contribute financially here:

And, mVillage members (available with the purchase of The Death by Money Report here), can contribute to the writing of the book with your input as you read along, make comments, and ask questions while also improving your own financial life.

Here’s what you get for financial your contribution:

$5 – $25 Receive a signed copy of   the completed book with your name printed in it as a supporter (unless you   chose not to) ($25+ value)
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During the transition of the MoneyMinding / Tracy Piercy information, I am actively seeking partners to assist in publishing and distribution of this valuable information and continue to be available on a consulting basis and for speaking engagement.  You can contact me at 250-592-0457 (pacific time) and by email at tracy@moneyminding.com.

I welcome your queries, comments, questions, encouragement, and assistance and definitely look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

Abundant blessings,


Keeping in Touch with New and Valuable Information

I would like to invite you to participate with me in an exciting new era for Tracy Piercy and my MoneyMinding Mission!

I’m calling this era a revival for a couple different reasons: First, because as many people are aware a while ago I experienced a dramatic upheaval in my business, MoneyMinding. We were in the process of undertaking a public offer to expand the company. Instead, after almost a year of delays and mounting questions I finally called a halt to the process in order to get satisfactory answers. In the aftermath of this decision the company was reduced to me as the only person standing. This has since proved to be the very best decision I could have made, however, as the funding process was later confirmed to be fraudulent.  And now that I’ve got first hand experience as well as years of working with others who have been victims or fraud, I know for sure that the financial methods that have evolved over the years with MoneyMinding are indeed life saving!

The second reason I’m calling this a revival is because this powerful message has produced prolific testimonials for years, but has been stifled because of the business drama. Well not any more.  I encourage you to read more about the issues, strategies and real-life story and how it has sparked a total renewal of my conviction to share the profound messages for earning, managing and maintaining money in a real-life context.

The latest publication is a joint effort with a friend of mine who helped take a very evolved and emotionally charges subject and turn it into a powerful financial resource. It’s called The Death by Money Report: The Cause of Stress, and How to Solve Debt and Retirement Issues by Spending, not Saving. It is available at http://www.deathbymoney.com/. In the early days of marketing the comments from readers confirm that this is a message long overdue in the world of personal finance.

This personal message today is to make sure that as a personal contact of mine you are included in the news and events of this next phase of this amazing journey. You can also follow me on twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin below. And if you would like to discuss cross-promotion opportunities for your business, then please send me an email so we can spread the word together!!!

I look forward to continuing to share exciting news, resources and stories of real life money management that produces results you didn’t know were possible.  I also look forward to hearing your feedback on The Death by Money Report. It is packed with insightful and thought provoking information and promises to enlighten its readers to a paradigm shift that can lead to financial results far beyond conventional – It is definitely worth the $10 investment!



PS – Please share the link to encourage others who may be plagued with financial uncertainty. www.deathbymoney.com.

What is Application and Why it Matters?

I just purchased a new Life Application Bible and as I read the introductory pages, it occurred to me that the description of “what is application?’ provides valuable and relevant information as it relates to the concepts of the MoneyMinding resources that have been the focus of my work since 1997. It’s still somewhat of a new concept, so bear with me through this 2 part series on what it is and why it’s important.

I am often asked what makes my message through MoneyMinding different than other financial education or from what someone can get from their financial planner. I always tell them that MoneyMinding resources are intended to complement and support your work with other financial professionals. The original concepts for MoneyMinding began while I was still working as an investment advisor. The early materials were actually initially developed when I was teaching the required curriculum for financial advisors. I have always said that a key component to MoneyMinding is the ‘application’ of the information as it relates to making real-life money decisions. Essentially the underlying theme is to help you ask questions to get better results. Or, helping you learn to ‘fish’ rather than doing the ‘fishing’ for you or simply telling you about ‘fishing’.

The reason that understanding what application is, in the realm of personal finance is important is because many adults just don’t realize what they don’t know about money. This isn’t meant to be a ‘jab’; it’s just stating that because formal financial training wasn’t (and still isn’t) part of a school education, we have all gone out into the workforce to learn about money as we went along and made up our own rules along the way. Essentially, leaning about money has been completely ad hoc. This means that when new financial information is received it likely be assumed to be helpful, but the foundation to help assess the overall concept in light of all the circumstances, will still likely be missing. In other words, anything new will likely appear to be good and helpful, but not necessarily so. What many people fail to recognize is that because applying financial information in a piece meal fashion without the underlying foundation, is how errors are made; why opportunities are missed; and how unscrupulous ‘advisors’ are able to prey on innocent victims. New financial information needs to be applied in a way that helps you ask questions so you can adequately assess the information before you make a final decision on investments, credit, insurance, purchases, etc.

This is such a personal matter, that not knowing what you don’t know doesn’t have to be detrimental if you can learn to apply the information in a way that you can understand wha you need to know to then apply all the facts to your own situation. Without the confidence and competence to assess financial information along side your own values, goals and circumstances, it is just far too easy to open the door to inappropriate decisions, or potential sales manipulation that could lead away from what’s most important to you in your life.

Unfortunately, when financial information is delivered alongside the application of that information with the purchase of some sort of product or strategy sale, you end up with an entire industry not respected for its role in navigating the world of personal finance effectively. There is also now an entire industry that has developed to deliver financial information that unfortunately has an ulterior motive of sales. Not that sales is bad, and not that educational seminars are bad, just that for such a life impacting topic as finance, when education and sales are combined and billed as the application of the information being delivered, it can lead to confusion and partial information, and ultimately end up doing more harm than good. The gap in knowledge that most adults are missing and aren’t aware they’re missing becomes most detrimental because the financial information they receive is connected to products and services and particular situations they’re dealing with at time they receive the knowledge, not necessarily because they have the full picture needed to get them the results they’re looking for (or results they didn’t even know were possible).

As an interesting side-note, I’d like to point out that in my career as a financial educator whose only product is information and the application of it for wealth creation and management, I find it interesting how higher net worth people grasp the importance of basic financial knowledge where many middle incoe people seem to think they know what’s best or, that they don’t need additional education. Perhaps this is because the wealthier people have experienced enough of the ‘hit and miss, trial and error’ decisions that they realize there are some underlying gaps in their foundation. A good comparison would be moving to a foreign country and learning how to communicate with the people there. You can live there a long time and be able to read and write and speak with people, but at some point you will realize that there are grammar and other language concepts that will help you communicate in a more effective way.

The gap these higher net worth people discover is the knowledge, understanding and the application of financial math, budget forecasting, creating spreadsheets, investment, insurance and credit fundamentals. With the underlying knowledge applied effectively to your personal circumstances, you are able to manage personal financial decisions in a variety of situations, with a complex overlap of issues much easier. This is why and how the MoneyMinding resources are developed the way they are: to assist with decision making at the time of a transaction. The purpose is to assist in helping you access necessary knowledge in a way that it is understood and can be applied even when you don’t know that there could be addition information to help you get your desired results. This is also how I / we can say that MoneyMinding can help you produce results what you would have previously thought possible.

See part 2 for the description of ‘what is application?’ from the life application bible as it specifically describes the process of application in making successful personal financial decisions.