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Partnering with God for a Debt Free Home Today

May 25, 2017

Dear Lord,

You alone are worthy.  You alone are the creator and maker of all Heaven and earth.  Your name is above all and in all.  Your plans are good; they bring prosperity, blessings and abundance to your people that all will praise your name and all will know that you are God and you are good!

You have given me (us) so much and I am thankful for those things where I can see your hand at work in my life.  I live in a beautiful part of the world and for so many years you have provided even when I was trying to do things on my own. Lord God, I know that for too long I have tried to control the circumstances of my life.  Particularly as it relates to money.  Somewhere along the way I have believed that I needed to work had and manage what I earned.  I somewhere along the way believed that if I could learn the secrets to wealth that all my dreams would come true.  Yet, I didn’t even know what my dreams really were; they became clouded by the images and ideas of people around me and what I saw and thought I ‘should’ have in order to be accepted and loved.  I believed ‘if only I could be, do, have more’ then I would be happy; then I would truly live.

The result of course has been death.  Death of dreams, loss of loved ones, loss of peace, joy and love; loss of money and precious time.  Your word says that you will restore that which has been stolen, even when I was the one who let the enemy in to steal the treasure; treasures beyond money.  Lord God, I am so sorry. My words see hollow for the enormity of the losses that have resulted in my own pride and attempts to be self-sufficient’.

You have good plans for my life as you do for everyone’s life, and I willingly chose to partner with the devil who has been trying to rob, steal and destroy those good plans for me and all your people.  For as long as I can remember a nice home filled with family and friends and joyful, peaceful activities has been a desire of my heart.  Your word says that you will provide these things for your people – You will provide them, not my hard work or craftiness; not the bank or my ability to access and maneuver through the maze of credit.  It is you who provides each of us the ability to produce wealth including a nice home.

As we struggled to control the financial reality after the devil tried to steal my dream of impacting nations with a message of financial abundance according to your plans and purposes, your hand led us to sell our home and live in temporary accommodations.  These are lovely, but they aren’t home.  Lord God, I (we) believe you have led us here by your mighty hand and you will deliver us to our promised land here on earth as it will be in heaven as well.  Right now I don’t see how…so I give you this dream and these desires to bring forward in a way that is peaceful, joyful and honours your name.

I / we thank you for your continued and increasing income for our daily bread and I thank you that you have unlocked the resources in our heavenly bank accounts for the purchase of the home which you are leading us to now.  I thank you for the release and forgiveness of all debts; financial and relational; that nothing will hinder the completion of the purchase of the promised land you have pre-selected and prepared for us to reside and carry on the good work you have prepared for us to do.

Lord God, in the name of Jesus, I declare and decree that there is more than enough to purchase, develop and maintain the home you have for us to live in today.  I claim 1 Chronicles 28:20 as you revealed to our realtor in her devotions, over our life, over this purchase and over every area of this transaction, over every square foot of this land, and over the vision for the ministry work to take place from this land. We claim blessing and honour to all who walk there today and who will walk there in the future.  We thank you that your blood has cleansed and purified this land and that your ministering angels are preparing all the details for us to take possession.

In the mighty name of Jesus, we stand against any attack of the enemy; all firey darts and any negative thoughts that attempt to sabotage your good plans.  We ask Holy Spirit that you fill us to overflowing with your goodness, strength and wisdom; and that it is you who brings forward all the resources needed for an efficient, profitable transaction and move.  We give you all these details to care for while we willingly carry out the tasks you set before us as your Servants.

Thank you, Lord.  In your mighty name, Jesus I / we pray,


“Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished” (1 Chronicles 28:20).

Do You Have Plans for Prosperity or Are You Just Hoping?

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

When it comes to money, I am convinced that the majority of people today would likely interpret this verse for themselves as, ‘…plans to hopefully prosper me financially, not to cause me to suffer financially, plans to hopefully give me a brighter future.’

Of course, I could be totally wrong, but if the percentage of people I talk to on a daily basis about some aspect of money is any indication, then I would be inclined to say we have an epidemic of financially worried people carrying a virus of doubt and fear into the majority of their everyday financial decisions.

If the  Lord ‘declares’ that He has plans to give us a hope and a future, then any sort of financial doubt means we are fretting needlessly.  This leads to guilt, and self-condemnation, which in turn creates a downward spiral of low confidence and ultimately a self-sabotage of more lack.  Certainly this isn’t the life the Lord has planned for His people.

Obviously if breaking this paradigm was as easy as saying, ‘just believe’ then any positive thinking, self-help book would have the answer and anyone who’s read one would be rich and successful!

But what is prosperity anyway?  It’s not dollars and cents, and it’s not something we do on our own.

To apply the prosperity mentioned in Jeremiah 29:11 to money in real life today, you have to start by recognizing whenever you are trying to control some aspect of money in your life:  spending, saving, giving, insuring, borrowing, paying, earning, judging others, working, comparing, wishing,…(or not).  Then whenever you catch yourself in some aspect of financial doubt, lack, or judgement, simply thank the Lord or all He has provided and praise Him for knowing the plans He has for your life.  Do this for a day, then a week, then a month, and keep going…you are building confidence which is the foundation to help you learn and apply additional practical strategies to your ongoing real life financial decisions!

If you’d like to join me and others to explore God, Money and Real Life, please contact me at tracy@moneyminding.com or 250-592-0457 for more information.  Or make sure you read The Death by Money Report available at www.deathbymoney.com for additional information on the paradigm shift required to make immediate and lasting positive financial changes to your life!



Why does it seem so difficult to apply financial knowledge to get real results?

I’d like to invite you to join me in September for and exploration of God, Money and Real Life.  If the bible has so much to say about how to manage our money and there seems to be such a growing volume of people offering financial education, why do the studies also show that there is also a growing number of people struggling financially?

  • Could it by that there is a resistance to the information?
  • Could it be that vast numbers of people deny that additional financial information is important or could make a difference?
  • Could it be that the personal application of the information isn’t understood?
  • Could it be that many people just assume they already know how what to do to manage their money and make good financial decisions based on what they’ve done or learned in the past?
  • Could it be that much of the information being taught today is still only half the story?

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that money, and in particular God and Money together, are:

  • Essential topics today
  • Controversial topics today
  • Require a fresh new look in order to create the paradigm shift so many people desperately need in their lives as it relates to money today.

I invite you to join me on a 4 week journey beginning Friday, September 7th at noon pacific to discover and apply some of God’s foundational principles of money as it relates to real life today.  The objective isn’t just more knowledge.  The objective is application, which means getting results.  And I promise you that with God’s blessing, it has the potential to provide the missing link between His living word about money, and your own life situation.

What qualifies me to teach about God, Money and Real Life?  For over 20 years I’ve been working in financial services; over 15 years ago God gave me insights to a missing link between financial information and the real-life application of that information; and his purpose for my life to share this information has taken me on a journey that sometimes feels like Joseph’s journey during the period of time from the pit to Pharaoh’s Palace:  a persevering spirit guided by the Lord.

We’ll cover:

  • Where to start?
  • What are your money goals (and why)?
  • How do you get from where you are to where God wants you to go?
  • Our financial systems are more complicated today than thousands of years ago, what do you need today to apply real life      with God’s plan for you and your money?

Here’s how it works:

1.  Register today by either:

a)  ordering online here, or

b)  making a donation here, or

c)  contacting me directly to make arrangements
2.  Before the program begins on September 7th, I will send you online access.  Depending on the total number of registered, we will either meet for our weekly sessions by phone, or by online video access.

3.  Each week we’ll meet as a group for the lessons and discussion, and each week I’ll provide you with follow up materials and ‘homework’.

4.  If you aren’t able to make a session, or if you’re away, that’s ok, because all the weekly sessions and follow up materials will be archived and available online.  The online access will also include an opportunity for you to share thoughts ideas and questions and to communicate with others in the program if you chose.

Hope you can make it and looking forward to sharing more with you.

~ Tracy

PS – If you’re just not sure, then please visit www.deathbymoney.com to order your copy of my new book, The Death by Money Report, to get the background information and to find out why this message so important today!

What is Application and Why it Matters?

I just purchased a new Life Application Bible and as I read the introductory pages, it occurred to me that the description of “what is application?’ provides valuable and relevant information as it relates to the concepts of the MoneyMinding resources that have been the focus of my work since 1997. It’s still somewhat of a new concept, so bear with me through this 2 part series on what it is and why it’s important.

I am often asked what makes my message through MoneyMinding different than other financial education or from what someone can get from their financial planner. I always tell them that MoneyMinding resources are intended to complement and support your work with other financial professionals. The original concepts for MoneyMinding began while I was still working as an investment advisor. The early materials were actually initially developed when I was teaching the required curriculum for financial advisors. I have always said that a key component to MoneyMinding is the ‘application’ of the information as it relates to making real-life money decisions. Essentially the underlying theme is to help you ask questions to get better results. Or, helping you learn to ‘fish’ rather than doing the ‘fishing’ for you or simply telling you about ‘fishing’.

The reason that understanding what application is, in the realm of personal finance is important is because many adults just don’t realize what they don’t know about money. This isn’t meant to be a ‘jab’; it’s just stating that because formal financial training wasn’t (and still isn’t) part of a school education, we have all gone out into the workforce to learn about money as we went along and made up our own rules along the way. Essentially, leaning about money has been completely ad hoc. This means that when new financial information is received it likely be assumed to be helpful, but the foundation to help assess the overall concept in light of all the circumstances, will still likely be missing. In other words, anything new will likely appear to be good and helpful, but not necessarily so. What many people fail to recognize is that because applying financial information in a piece meal fashion without the underlying foundation, is how errors are made; why opportunities are missed; and how unscrupulous ‘advisors’ are able to prey on innocent victims. New financial information needs to be applied in a way that helps you ask questions so you can adequately assess the information before you make a final decision on investments, credit, insurance, purchases, etc.

This is such a personal matter, that not knowing what you don’t know doesn’t have to be detrimental if you can learn to apply the information in a way that you can understand wha you need to know to then apply all the facts to your own situation. Without the confidence and competence to assess financial information along side your own values, goals and circumstances, it is just far too easy to open the door to inappropriate decisions, or potential sales manipulation that could lead away from what’s most important to you in your life.

Unfortunately, when financial information is delivered alongside the application of that information with the purchase of some sort of product or strategy sale, you end up with an entire industry not respected for its role in navigating the world of personal finance effectively. There is also now an entire industry that has developed to deliver financial information that unfortunately has an ulterior motive of sales. Not that sales is bad, and not that educational seminars are bad, just that for such a life impacting topic as finance, when education and sales are combined and billed as the application of the information being delivered, it can lead to confusion and partial information, and ultimately end up doing more harm than good. The gap in knowledge that most adults are missing and aren’t aware they’re missing becomes most detrimental because the financial information they receive is connected to products and services and particular situations they’re dealing with at time they receive the knowledge, not necessarily because they have the full picture needed to get them the results they’re looking for (or results they didn’t even know were possible).

As an interesting side-note, I’d like to point out that in my career as a financial educator whose only product is information and the application of it for wealth creation and management, I find it interesting how higher net worth people grasp the importance of basic financial knowledge where many middle incoe people seem to think they know what’s best or, that they don’t need additional education. Perhaps this is because the wealthier people have experienced enough of the ‘hit and miss, trial and error’ decisions that they realize there are some underlying gaps in their foundation. A good comparison would be moving to a foreign country and learning how to communicate with the people there. You can live there a long time and be able to read and write and speak with people, but at some point you will realize that there are grammar and other language concepts that will help you communicate in a more effective way.

The gap these higher net worth people discover is the knowledge, understanding and the application of financial math, budget forecasting, creating spreadsheets, investment, insurance and credit fundamentals. With the underlying knowledge applied effectively to your personal circumstances, you are able to manage personal financial decisions in a variety of situations, with a complex overlap of issues much easier. This is why and how the MoneyMinding resources are developed the way they are: to assist with decision making at the time of a transaction. The purpose is to assist in helping you access necessary knowledge in a way that it is understood and can be applied even when you don’t know that there could be addition information to help you get your desired results. This is also how I / we can say that MoneyMinding can help you produce results what you would have previously thought possible.

See part 2 for the description of ‘what is application?’ from the life application bible as it specifically describes the process of application in making successful personal financial decisions.