Speaking and Consulting

Speaking and Workshop Development / Delivery:

Guaranteed to be thought-provoking, encouraging, educational, equipping and most definately empowering financial effectiveness!!

There is a great passion burning in my heart to help unlock treasures stored in secret places and to mitigate the damages of our poverty-causing financial world-view for the next and future generations!!

Some of the thought provoking topics I speak passionately on in in a variety of lengths and formats are listed below.

NOTE: I am keenly aware that when you present a paradigm shifting concept to an audience, you need time to process the ideas and follow up. One of the worst things we can do is expose the 1/2 truths of the current world system, present the truth of God’s Word, AND introduce the solution to make the connection – then leave people to try to implement the ideas with world trained financial professionals who aren’t familiar with the connecting concepts. As such, any request to speak needs to have leadership attendance and a follow through plan in place in order to be most effective to those who attend!

  • Trusting God with Money
  • How Spending Money Fuels Wealth
  • Why Getting Out of Debt Won’t Solve Your Money Problems
  • Why Saving Money is NOT the Secret to Retirement
  • The $10 Solution to Unlimited Income
  • Simple Money Mistakes Top Financial Experts Make
  • Busting the Top 10 Money Myths
  • Recovering From Financial Loss
  • Confronting Mammon

One of the most powerful ministry sessions is an open, unscripted Q and A time for participants to learn from each other and be empowered by the principles, strategies, and system of MoneyMinding being used to facilitate Holy Spirit inspired financial solutions to real-life situations!

All of the topics above are suitable for an audience of any age and economic background. My online workshop developed and delivered for the CGA association on ‘Why Saving Money Isn’t The Secret to Retirement’ is one of their best sellers to their 80,000 members. For all my teaching and speaking career financial professionals from a variety of backgrounds, have received great value in the paradigm shifting concepts!

Private Consulting:

I have a very unique approach to personal finance that has produced prolific testimonials around the globe for years. If you are looking for fresh insights to your personal situation, I am available for private consultations or ongoing coaching, mentorship, training and strategy.

Typically, we begin with an initial consultation which includes pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting followup.  Normally, these meetings are held by phone or internet.  The fee for this service / meeting is $350 Cdn.  Additional follow up and ongoing support will be determined following this initial consultation to enable customized services.

Because financial products are an integral component of many plans and strategies, I have a unique referral offset program that can be applicable in some situations, but my focus is education and independent consulting, counselling and coaching!

And, because i Know that sometimes you need financial support, knowledge and guidance, but don’t have access to cash to pay for private sessions, I created the MoneyMinding Mentorship program to be affordable, powerful, strategic and accessible to anyone. Find out more and join here today for $10/month or $100 per year – and have opportunities to earn income for yourself or ministry while you expand your own financial resources and network of support!

Also, I have special consulting and income generation programs for church leaders and ministries.  Please call if this might apply to you.

Some areas of specialty for personal consultations are:

  • Financial modeling and cash flow forecasting and planning
  • Strategic, personal and creative cash flow and income acceleration ideas are also extremely valuable in a one-on-one meeting
  • Marriage and money consulting / counselling is an area of great benefit to couples who are
    • beginning married life,
    • aware they have differing values around finances, or
    • are struggling in their marriage because of current or past financial situations.

To find out more:

  1. Book a mini-assessment, introductory call, or full consultation here 
  2. Email me at mailto:sam@sampiercy.com 
  3. Call me at 250-592-0457 (pacific time)