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October 14, 2017:  Faith – Facts – Finance (Introducing MoneyMinding and Financial Grace)

We deal with money every day. It affects what we wear, what we eat, what we drive, where we live, who we know, and what we dream. Without realizing it, money occupies a prominent place in our thoughts as we go about our day’s activities. How can we know the Lord more intimately as we deal with money and make both everyday financial decisions and larger borrowing, investing and spending decisions?

October 21, 2017: Living Beyond Your Means

Being a good steward means a lot more than living within your means. From God’s perspective it means, living within His means. If you make decisions on what you will or will not do with your life when God puts a desire or idea in your heart, based on what you think is ‘realistic’ or what you think you can afford, you’re partnering with the wrong spirit. It’s pride, or poverty, but either are rooted in self and partnering with the wrong god and will contaminate your relationship with the God of truth.

We live in a credit based society. We must be credit wise. One of the best things we can understand is who regulates and controls the credit market and that there is a lot more going on in the world of money than what we can see in the numbers reflected in our bank statements. A mindset focused on ‘get out of debt’ will stay broke. But that absolutely doesn’t mean live in bondage to high interest, unproductive debt! The secret isn’t chasing ‘get rich quick’ schemes either! The secrets are found in God’s Word as you breakthrough strongholds that block the flow of God’s blessings in not just your life, but the lives of those around you!

November 4, 2017: How Spending Money Can Make You Wealthy

We have to spend to live. One way to look at spending will direct you focus on what you have and you can be reinforcing scarcity and self-control. The other way is to look at spending as overflowing blessings. There is a condition of your heart which is tested every time you make a purchase. Are you reinforcing your faith and love for God, or are you being influenced by the spirit of mammon, inflicting emotional spending, lack, guilt, fear and poverty into your spirit at the point of purchase. Revelation 13 tells us of the devil’s plans to control the money supply. The technology exists for his plans to be fulfilled today – are we ready?

November 11, 2017: What Can You Do?

There is not much more frustrating to me than listening to people repeatedly speak poverty when they have so much potential for wealth. God says the Power of life and death is in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and that through our words we set the course of our whole life (James 3:6).  Even more frustrating is the negativity I hear around the concept of wealth. From what I can tell, as a society we haven’t been taught that wealth and prosperity are personal and individual, and that the amount of money for one person to experience wealth is very different than it is for someone else. Mostly, however, I see roadblocks people have in taking the steps to bridge the gap between where they are today and where they might dare to dream. There is a knowledge gap that creates strongholds in thinking that blocks the flow of wisdom from identifying and acting on opportunities to build a foundation to bridge the wealth gap – whatever that number is for each individual. The ‘can do’ in Philippians 4:13 includes letting the Spirit of God direct your learning to discern ‘what, how, who, when, and where’ instead of looking at the current reality and judging the idea as a ‘can’t’.

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    November 18, 2017: A System for Financial Believing?The world of money and the Word of God are really operating at polar opposites. The world tells us to work hard, save money so you can look after yourself in old age, stay out of debt, but spend money to fuel economic growth; the Word tells us to give as a demonstration of love, to sow seeds reap a harvest to celebrate with others, and to leave an inheritance to your children’s children. Obviously, there are many principles and strategies from both systems that need to be considered in our day-to-day financial lives. Faith in God’s Word doesn’t mean ignoring financial facts, but to call that which is not, into being and avoid being conformed to the pattern of the world, a system to help transformation with the renewing of our mind to be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will is, is an essential tool. Join Sam this week as she shares the holy spirit inspired, practical steps she calls MoneyMinding for Financial Grace to assist in the connection between the world and the Word without falling into the trap of guilt, condemnation and scarcity from religious or legal-minded financial thinking.

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