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In the aftermath of what has become a conspiracy to commit securities fraud by a group of people claiming to be experts in helping companies’ access capital for expansion, MoneyMinding and Tracy Piercy (me) will be transitioning into a new delivery format for the information you receive.  It is by God’s grace and the application of the MoneyMinding principles to real-world financial decision making that prevented this fraud from completing.

Chasing money and sacrificing values, ethics and priorities is a recipe for disaster, yet many people continue to let money rule their lives, even to the point of abandoning their morals, friends, families, and life’s passions.  This is not what I believe or teach and have an unstoppable commitment to sharing this message of financial hope and independence.  People everywhere inadvertently fall victim to inappropriate decisions, settle for a life of struggle, or become victims of fraud because our conventional money wisdom feeds fear, scarcity and dependency which are not conducive to developing and applying financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

In essence, much of our current money wisdom is ruining lives, families and the freedoms we have come to appreciate.  In part because what is being taught about personal finance still expects that you will become a financial expert, or that you’ll be able to replicate what someone else has done for themselves to become wealthy.  Instead what you can do, is to learn to ask better questions to get better results from the professionals who have the technical expertise to help you implement your plans with the financial products and services you use on a day-to-day basis in real life!  This means you have to first be open to learning what it is you currently don’t know that you don’t know.

Please read my new publication, The Death by Money Report for the information that introduces these concepts, provides an overview of the attempted fraud, and the $10 solution that is reviving financial independence for people who grasp this paradigm shifting information.  You can purchase it at

Make sure you continue to follow me and take advantage of the online mVillage membership.  This online community contains volumes of searchable financial resources and it’s where I will continue to share information and provide an opportunity for members to ask money questions anonymously about ANY area of their personal finances.

Plus – You can contribute to my new book:  Death by Money, Life by Faith.  This book details this and other dramatic stories of success from the application of this life-changing money wisdom.  When you contribute financially today you can help make a difference for others while also receiving special incentives and recognition for yourself.

Contribute financially here:

And, mVillage members (available with the purchase of The Death by Money Report here), can contribute to the writing of the book with your input as you read along, make comments, and ask questions while also improving your own financial life.

Here’s what you get for financial your contribution:

$5 – $25 Receive a signed copy of   the completed book with your name printed in it as a supporter (unless you   chose not to) ($25+ value)
$26 – $50 Receive all of the above   plus a copy of my 7 Day Make a Difference Video course ($75 value)
$51 – $100 Receive all of the above   plus a the ebook, Wealth Secrets of Everyday Spending ($150 value)
$101 – $250 Receive all of the above   plus digital copy of the original MoneyMinding Makeover ($425 value)
$251 – $1000 Receive all of the above   plus 1 year access to full mVillage ($1625 value)
$1001 – $2500 Receive all of the above   plus access to live Master event inVictoria  when available ($4420 value)
$2501 – $10,000+ above plus access to   Project M archives and monthly guest participation in current Project M   program ($14,420 value)

During the transition of the MoneyMinding / Tracy Piercy information, I am actively seeking partners to assist in publishing and distribution of this valuable information and continue to be available on a consulting basis and for speaking engagement.  You can contact me at 250-592-0457 (pacific time) and by email at

I welcome your queries, comments, questions, encouragement, and assistance and definitely look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

Abundant blessings,


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