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Sam Piercy knows first-hand the conflict we experience between trusting God or money.  She took her first financial course in the late 1980’s and developed a successful investment practice until one of her millionaire clients caused her to seek answers for his overly anxious mind.  She ended up selling her business and began a search that has twisted and turned her own family through abundance as well as dramatic loss. All the while more and more pieces to a puzzle that leads to the influence of financial ½ truths were being revealed; ‘lies’ that keep people complacent, self-focused and defeated.  She is a prolific writer and passionate teacher who has continued through her family’s own trials, to answer God’s call to deliver a fresh and powerful message of financial hope and increase from connecting God’s Word to the world of money we live in today.

A one page summary of Sam's story is here.

Her full testimony can be found in her ebook, The Proverbs 1022 Prayer Strategy for Financial Increase

You can watch Sam share on Learning to Trust God with Money where she discusses some of the personal and practical strategies that have guided her and her family to hold fast to to the passionate purpose for which she has been called to share!

Sam and Joe live on the West Coast of Canada, renovating an old church as their home and ministry centre for Sam's work with the MoneyMinding Academy, Christian leadership and training events, and house of prayer!

You can contact them here.