A Unique Approach

For years now, all of my teaching and program development has focused on the following 4 areas of personal finance:

  • Developing a Mindset to Increase Financial Capacity from a biblical perspective
  • Solid Money Management Skills and Knowledge to support an abundant mindset
  • Creation of Income starting from the ideas and passions and interests that God gives each of us uniquely.  This involves the incorporation of entrepeneurial skills and professional finance strategies
  • Increase for not only personal financial results, but also to benefit others in the community around you and abroad for ongoing blessings and honour to our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ through relationship with His Holy Spirit!

All of my programs build on years of experience applying these concepts within a system I developed called, MoneyMindng for both financial professionals and financial consumers.  In the aftermath of a devastating financial loss, God revealed fresh insights from His Word which are now incorporated in my teaching and ministry of MoneyMinding for Financial Grace.

If you would like me to speak to your church or ministry, or if you’re interested in private consulting, please visit my ‘speaking and consulting’ page here and call or email me directly at 250-592-0457 (pacific time) or sam@sampiercy.com.