Tracy Piercy, CFP and MoneyMinding FounderHi there,

I am a Christian Financial Counselor. My background is professional finance; I still maintain my credentials; but my expertise is in connecting biblical truths with practical, street-smart strategies for navigating the world’s money system today – especially as it relates to ‘unlocking treasures stored in secret places’; locked in mindsets lacking core financial knowledge!

I love Jesus and am a passionate prayer warrior! In my work with individuals, couples and groups prayer and the Word of God are first because our battle isn’t against flesh and blood; and the issue isn’t money – it’s a powerful principality who’s sole objective is the subtle lies that steal, kill and destroy the abundant life Jesus came to bring us all – whatever that looks like economically for you, personally!

My approach is non-product and non-geographic – meaning you get a professional, emotional, biblical, practical and personal perspective from my systems.

My purpose is to encourage and empower financial results through solid money management, entrepeneurism, a biblical world-view and personal circumstances. I call it ‘MoneyMinding for Financial Grace’.  An emphasis in all my programs is the creation of income to support INCREASING FINANCIAL EFFECTIVENESS in the world that has been stealing our financial power with mindsets and strategies that emphasize accumulating and consuming.

Researching and applying strategies to bridge the gap in financial knowledge and skills that make it possible to implement proven success strategies has consumed my work since 1997. I began working in financial services in 1991 and officially started specializing in education and behavioural finance strategies in 1999. Over the years, and through many successes and painful trials, I speak passionately from both professional and personal experience!

I have authored dozens of books, special reports, white papers, courses and training programs for both the financial professionals and consumers. My catalog of content is extensive to say the least. The articles, tips, reports and courses including over 300 questions and answers are now available for reference and reprint.

My approach is NOT the conventional money tips you hear in the media. I advocate for a complete paradigm shift in the way we view personal financial decision making – from poverty to prosperity on a day-to-day basis regardless of where you’re starting from.  This view has produced prolific testimonials from a diverse range of people from all around the globe. Young, old, rich and poor are realizing that a lot of what they have accepted as solid money management is in fact sabotaging success.

Make sure you subscribe to follow along as I share insights and wisdom of years of navigating the real world of money from inside the financial industry; from recovering from a forced bankruptcy; from building a successful business; then losing it in a series of misleading projects culminating in a conspiracy to commit securities fraud; from working with people and creating success stories around the globe; and from staying married and raising a family in a Christian home throughout some of life’s biggest challenges.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you and to hearing about your success stories! Stay tuned!

Sam Piercy, CFP